Sorry this is so late.  Someone here had the stomach flu.  No fun, that’s for sure.

On Tuesday Ashley had an orthodontist appointment… not a fun one either.

She got her top braces put on, which she has to wear for 2 years!

She also got a contraption put in to fix her over-bite.  It’s called a Herbst.  Never heard of them before, but it is cemented to the top and bottom very back teeth.  Every time she closes her mouth it forces her lower jaw forward.  It’s supposed to lengthen the tendons which will help the jaw bone grow longer.

This is the top part before it was attached to the bottom part.

She has to wear the Herbst for a year.  Once they take it off they’ll put on the lower braces.  She’ll have to wear the full set of braces for a year.

Here’s the bottom part before the top was connected to it.

The placement of the brackets.

All done and still smiling!

(she’s laying down in the chair in this picture)

Here she is 3 days later and still happy!

She’s gotten used to the braces just fine, but the Herbst is really rubbing her tongue raw.  She said it pinches her cheek at least once a day, so we’ll have to ask the orthodontist about that.

Even with braces she’s adorable!  She even sounds cute when she talks!

She’s a real trooper!

  1. Oh my heck! Ashley has gotten braces BEFORE Jessica. Jessica finally gets them this Wednesday!!! She’s so excited! Jess had an 11 mm overbite and we tried to find an ortho that would use the herbst but they DO NOT LIKE IT over here. “Why would you want to be so cruel to your child?” was their reply. It’s rough, but hang in there Ashley – you are so blessed to be in America with competent orthodontists who know what they’re doing!!

  2. Yes, she is a trooper!!! She is a cutie.

  3. i need braces now