Monday Moments #47

Happy Monday everyone!

Last week Ashley had a science project due.  Since Ashley didn’t care about going to region or state, we decided to do a fun experiment.

Question:  Which soda will fountain the highest with Mentos?

Of course you already know the answer, but do you know the reason why?  And if you say caffeine, that’s only a small part of the reason.

Here are the sodas we tested.

First she had to make a super tall ruler.

She tested each soda 3 times with the same amount Mentos each time.

First up, root beer!  And for those of you who might be interested, Barq’s put caffeine back in the drink.

Next up… Mt. Dew.  Now that has more caffeine than all of them, and it did the worst!

Here’s Sprite.  Not too shabby for having no caffeine.

Cream Soda… at least it wasn’t as small as the Mt. Dew’s.

And Diet Coke.  Of course it did the best.

But not just because of caffeine, obviously since Mt. Dew didn’t do well at all.

There are 2 other ingredients in Diet Coke, when mixed with 2 of the ingredients and the rough bumpy surface of the Mentos, causes bubbles to form the quickest.

We found out that Diet Mt. Dew had the same 2 ingredients in it as Diet Coke, but the store was all out of Diet Dew.  So we settled for Diet 7UP instead.  But that didn’t have the caffeine in it, so it wasn’t as impressive.  Oh well, guess we’ll have to try Diet Dew at some point just to see the results.

Ashley had a blast!  She said “I love this kind of homework cause it isn’t really work, it’s FUN!!!”

  1. Oh, I’ll have to remember this project for when my kids have them!

  2. That is the best science project I have ever seen! Very cool! Well done Ashley.