Monday Moments #51

I really should be cleaning, but I decided to take a break and finally do the Monday Moments for this week.  You know, 30 people being at our house for Christmas eve, and my house is still a mess.  But I’m not stressing out!!!!  My hubby is already on his way home from work and he’ll be able to help, or at least keep the kids busy while I clean.

This is mostly just a post for my reference.  Mostly just Christmas decor.

Here are just a few pictures of the girls decorating our family tree.

And on with the show!  Oh and all these pictures were taken at night, so they aren’t the best.

This tree below, we’ll call Tree #1.  It’s in our front entryway.

This pretty white tree below is Tree #2, or our Santa Tree.  It’s in our living room.

This is the living room fireplace/mantle.

I love that red wreath.  I got it from Target.

These awesome candle cups are from Down East Outlet and so are the candles.

These white reindeer weren’t originally white.  They were brown.  I got them from Hobby Lobby.  I’m thinking next year I’ll paint the swirly designs on them red.

Here’s what they looked like before the spray paint.  I like them better white.

Here’s Tree #3.  On our front staircase.

Here’s our family room mantle.

Here’s Tree #4, in our family room.

Tree #5 isn’t pictured here.  It’s in our upstairs hallway.  The girls decorated it with teddy bears and tiny porcelain dolls.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas holiday full of joy and time with your loved ones!

Back to cleaning I go!

Only one more Monday Moments lefts!

  1. Such pretty house! Excited to come over tomorrow!

  2. You are an amazing decorator, and especially at the holidays. We have two trees this year – a Charlie Brown one on top of a bookcase, and our big tree where it is every year- in our dining room!