Monday Moments #50

Hello Everyone!

Only a few more days till Christmas!!!

Here’s what I meant to post for last weeks Monday Moments.

I had a birthday last week!  Yay me!  But, got sick on my birthday and ended up spending several days in bed.  As nice as it sounds, spending several days in bed, this was not pleasant, and let’s leave it at that shall we!?!

But that’s okay, we celebrated my birthday the weekend before, so it’s all good!

Paul and I took Ashley to go see Blue Man Group.

Word of advice… don’t go see it.  Ashley really enjoyed it, Paul thought it was okay-ish, and I was down right bored.  Except for the times when they were actually drumming on things, that was cool, but that was less then a 1/3 of the time.

But at least Ashley enjoyed it and that’s all that matters.

Sorry, these are cellphone pictures.  I totally, accidentally left my camera on the kitchen counter.  BOO!

After the show we took Ashley home to the babysitter and Paul and I went on a date!!!  And of course I forgot my camera AGAIN!  I gotta stop doing that.

We went to dinner and then to another concert.  I’m happy to say that the concert we went to was so much more enjoyable!

Just this year Paul discovered and introduced me to Michele McLaughlin.  She’s a piano soloist who is local.  I found out she does concerts right out of her home, so that’s where Paul and I went!  She had another pianist there to play as well.  It was a wonderfully relaxing evening.

If you’ve never heard of Michele McLaughlin, her songs are beautiful and somewhat haunting.  Most of them have a pattern to them and aren’t difficult to learn, but they sure are fun to play.

I’ll blog later this week with M.M. #51.

P.S.  This is my 200th post on this blog!

  1. 200 posts. Woo hoo! I’m sorry you were sick on your birthday. No fun!

  2. So I just listened to a few of her songs and really like them! What are your favorites? I might have to download a song or two in sheet music. Pretty!

    • I actually started making a list of all the songs I wanted to print off. I got through about half her albums and had almost 40 songs written down, and I was being picky too! I have Across the Burren memorized and will be playing Deck the Halls for the Christmas eve program. If I can find my list of songs I wrote down, I’ll show you when you come.

  3. That’s the only one I bought for sheet music–Deck the Halls! What a fun one to play. That’s too funny.